Yan Value Control Capacity Coffee Nine JOYOR 2018 New Release

- Jan 20, 2018 -

  January 12, Le Bei, Zhejiang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou Qiantang River Minghao International Hotel, officially released the long-awaited new electric scooter. Zhejiang Le Bei Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. has always been focused on portable, short walk, fashion travel solutions to meet the consumers in this pursuit of novelty and fun, the era of maverick for travel efficiency and entertainment of the higher demand. Le Le Bu companies have been hailed as a benchmark for this segment.


  Li Guowang, founder of the company introduced the development of the market and the company: lithium electric scooter market from scratch, maintained a high growth rate, and the growth mainly comes from the continuous improvement of product awareness and product upgrading attracted more Of consumers and shared bicycles had a certain negative impact on the development of electric scooters and restrained some market demands. However, the market still maintained a relatively high growth rate after being hit by a short-term impact. Since the establishment of Le Bei Company in the past three years, revenue has been growing at a high speed every year. Products, brands, channels and productivity have been boosted at a high speed. Profit growth comes from the release of production capacity and efficiency improvement. Channel is offline, online, exports have been fully covered and rapidly advancing.

Mr. Li Guowang also introduced Le Bei company's corporate values: character, product, product three products one! He believes that: whether a company has the value, the final consumer needs to judge, and consumers to judge from the product, the product determines the product, the product determines the product, intentions to work hard, good professionalism, responsible, take full responsibility , Both internal and external companies, from the inside to establish a system of integrity, in order to achieve sustained and steady operation.


  The focus of this conference for Le Joy JOYOR brand new series of electric scooters Y-S launch, this product is defined as the value of the control, the strength of coffee. First of all, from the exterior design, Y-S series has continued JOYOR brand has always been simple and streamlined design style, classic black and white two color. The all-in-one aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame is stronger and weighs less, reducing noise and driving stability.


  Control Y-S series is equipped with a smart LCD color meter, intelligent burglar alarm system, support for remote anti-theft, constant speed and USB phone charging function, speed power mileage, at a glance.


  This new product has been upgraded to enhance the shock absorption, the use of high-performance dual-elastic shock absorber with rear shock absorber design, along with 10-inch large wheel diameter inflatable tires, can easily deal with a variety of urban road conditions, riding Row comfort greatly enhanced, without fear of road bumps. The pedal non-slip abandoned the traditional quality matte paper pedal stickers, the use of embedded rubber non-slip pedal design, easy to replace without cleaning.


  However, the biggest highlight of this product is its lighting system, in addition to the front and rear lights and brake warning lights, the pedal is equipped with four car-level embedded turn signals around when the user needs to turn around by the handlebar Left turn signal switch, a turn on the steering light, truly 360 degrees dead-end lighting, and front and rear wheels were equipped with E-ABS anti-lock system and dual disk brake system, enabling efficient braking rapid response, braking Distance from the more short. Greatly enhance the safety factor of the scooter travel.


  It is also worth mentioning that one of the core components of the Y-S series, the battery with high security 18650 power lithium batteries can be equipped with 48V28AH, 52V26AH, 60V23AH battery configuration, up to 150KM battery life.


  The conference, Le Bei layout of the 2018 nine Yue brand product matrix:


  After more than three years of focus, Le Bei Company persevered and endeavored to build the industry-leading product lines and channels. By 2018, JOYOR's full product line layout will further open up the market demand and bring more marketing channels for channel operators to enhance their competitiveness. Consumer convenience, environmental protection, fashion travel bring more variety of options!



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