What Is The Behavior Of The Electric Scooter?

- May 12, 2017 -

One, electric scooter out of the behavior comfort

Daily commuting is a regular trip, this is bound to have a comfortable ride posture, so that you can change the posture of riding, ease of travel fatigue. It's like wearing shoes, choosing a shoe that suits your fit. The electric scooter adopts the seat collapsible design, the reason is made to fold, is to have a ride experience more comfortable than the traditional electric scooter while not affecting the normal riding. In order to adapt to the height of most people, electric scooter's leading pole can be adjusted high-low, no matter how your physique, high or low, as long as in the normal range, you can adjust the leading rod to the most suitable for your ride height.

Second, electric scooter travel convenience

Are you going to be too far or abrupt in your daily ride, when you need to change your vehicle? Electric scooter absolutely can satisfy your various travel needs, let you self-willed travel. Electric scooter is refined by aluminum alloy, ensuring that the body is sturdy while reducing the weight of the car body, the net weight of only more than 10 kg, the rapid folding, 3 seconds can be made, folding part of the installation of security locking device, portable and safe. When you need to change the vehicle, just fold up the car, put it into the trunk of the car or take the luggage into the bus or subway, you can continue your itinerary.

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