The Purchasing Principle Of Electric Scooter

- May 12, 2017 -

Guideline 1: Look at Brands

At present, electric scooter brands are many. Consumers should choose a long time, low repair rate, good quality, reputable brands. For example, purchase through the quality Management system ISO9001-2000 certified enterprises.

Guideline 2: Service

Because the current electric vehicle parts are not yet universal, maintenance is not to be socialized, so buy electric bicycle must be careful whether in the region has a special maintenance services department, if the picture cheap and neglect after-sales service, it is easy to be fooled.

Guideline III: Selected models

Electric scooter can be divided into luxurious, general type, rear-shock absorber type, portable type four. Luxury features complete, but the price is high, ordinary structure concise, economical and practical, lightweight and flexible, but short stroke. Consumers should pay attention to this when purchasing.

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  • Fashional Smart Foldable Light 2 Wheels 8 Inch Aluminum Alloy Electric Scooter
  • Folding 8 Inch Aluminum Alloy Lithium Battery Brushless Motor 2 Wheel Electric Kick Scooter for Adults
  • JOYOR Popular 10inch 350W/500W Foldable Electric Strong Frame and Comfortable 2 Wheel Magnesium Alloy Electric Scooter with Alarm and Suspension
  • Powerful Battery Long Range High Speed 10 Inch Magnesium Alloy Electric Scooter with Seats
  • Lightest Foldable Electric Scooter for Kids and Students on Street

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