The Difference Between A Skateboard And A Scooter

- Mar 16, 2018 -

The difference between a skateboard and a scooter

Scooter (principle of different varieties of variety), mechanical principle or two wheel slide, in a large number of search data, get a sentence: "it is to the human body movement theory and ingenious mechanics principle, the main body (waist and hips), feet and hands twisting the swing to drive forward."

Scooter there are many categories and names, where "two Wheel Scooter" is a special case for its working principle.

"Two wheel skateboard" also known as the "two board" is a new type of skateboard, also known as the "land of the surfing board". Unlike the ordinary four round skateboard, it has only two wheels. As they move like dragons and snakes, they are called "dragon skateboard", "energy board", "snakes" and so on.

The wheel deflection angle two wheel scooter, the direction it will force to a minimum, is the front side or lateral movement, so it is a meandering (moving path is S shape). This is the use of the front wheel scooter reformed to run. The twisting of human body produces torque, plus the use of skills, it can transform part of human's twisting energy into kinetic energy, making the two wheel scooter forward (the ordinary Four Wheel Scooter goes straight, mainly by human leg hind pedal energy). Unlike the ordinary four - wheel skateboard, the player only uses the wiggling of the waist, the buttocks and the feet, and the swing of the hand to drive the dynamic plate forward.  The S line also has the function of keeping balance. It's not like bicycles, such as a car handle, to adjust the direction and balance function. (the two wheel scooter also has the handle type to assist the adjustment of balance), so it can only be coordinated by physical movement.

The static friction moving forces from vigorboard wheels and the ground between. The structure of the wheel determines that as long as the wheel revolves around the axis of rotation, the static friction force between the wheel and the ground will be driven by F, which will drive the dynamic plate along the horizontal component of the motion direction. So on the smooth road, the static friction force does not exist, the dynamic plate can not move forward. When doing this sport, the operator's feet must swing constantly on the board surface, so as to keep the angular beta always existing, that is, the angle beta must depend on external force to keep it.

Energy plate and a common slide are on the ground friction force as the driving force. The difference is that the common skateboard pushes forward by the friction force produced by the athlete's direct drive, while the dynamic plate pushes forward indirectly through the friction of the rear wheel. Athletes can push around the symmetric or antisymmetric two modes, two modes can cause tilt of the wheel frame, the friction force on the rim of the forward motion effect.  Skilled athletes can correctly control the inclination direction of the wheel frame to keep the skateboard forward. The transverse component of the alternating friction forces the forward movement to have a unique form of snake like movement. The antisymmetric mode makes the relative torsion before the push plate, the transverse component of the friction force in the opposite direction, which is pushing slide rotation around the vertical axis, in order to meet the needs of the skateboard when turning."

Vigorboard (two wheel skateboard) important problem is that there is no "brake" device, sliding can only rely on their feet "brake", on the road to walk quickly there is a certain danger, so it is not easy as a common means of transport.

A merchant said, "balance ability mainly exercise the child physical activity board, especially on the waist and leg muscle exercises can play a certain role." But people said that in the skateboarding, straight row wheel, snake plate (two round skateboard) and Parkour sports, "snake plate is the lowest safety factor" -- it needs a good balance ability, so many practitioners broke the fracture carelessly. Indeed, when playing scooter, the waist, knees and ankles need force. These parts are very easy to get hurt. Some businesses suggest that this two wheel skateboard is more suitable for children over 12 years old. If children are too small and the balance is not enough, it will be very dangerous.


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