The Change Of Means Of Transport Predicts The Future Development Of Society

- May 12, 2017 -

To mention the change of transport, we would think of the most primitive carriage and the most modern cars. With the sustained and stable development of the economy, mankind is also exploring and experimenting with new means of transportation to replace them with great enthusiasm, without causing pollution to the environment.

In the most primitive farming societies, people travel basically on the legs of foot, horseback riding, riding a car, and so on, out of the very inconvenient; to the industrial revolution, people invented convenient means of transportation, such as: trains, automobiles, cars, hovercraft, Subway, maglev train, etc., extended the long-distance connection, accelerated the transmission of information. Obviously, the progress of transportation has brought more convenience to people, but it brings us more than these, and environmental pollution and a series of problems. After the car, we saw a new type of transport, only two wheels, completely powered by the auto-balancing car, has been widely used in people.

21st century is a century of further change, whether enterprises or vehicles, to be in the competitive position, must have a keen insight into the future development trend, but also to cater to the sustainable development of society. The future society must be a new green society. With the worsening of global warming, air pollution, soil erosion and other environmental problems, people have begun to think about the sustainable development of environment and healthy society, and the accompanying high-tech must be a green design based on the protection of the environment.

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