Short Journey Must Be The Most Economical And Affordable Electric Scooter Of JOYOR

- Jan 13, 2018 -

Short journey must be the most economical and affordable electric scooter of JOYOR

"Low carbon travel" has become a trend in today's society. More and more people in the street will like to go on the scooter trip. This phenomenon is more common abroad. Although the scooter is economical and affordable, its speed is really headache. Today, JOYOR, which is publicly raised on indiegogo, solves this problem. Its highest speed can reach 32 kilometers per hour.

The appearance of JOYOR is similar to most of the scooters. The design is quite simple and generous. The body is made of solid and lightweight aluminum alloy, and the overall size is 29x89x16cm. It can be folded and carried easily at any time. In addition, JOYOR has the rated power of 350W, so its maximum speed can reach 32 kilometers, one charge per charge and a maximum of 24 to 40 kilometers. As a result, JOYOR is an electric scooter with a civilian and high performance.

No travel tool can ignore potential hazards. JOYOR is no exception. The developers have configured the "safe start up" function for JOYOR, which means that even when you are standing on the top, there will be no acceleration even if the throttle is not screwed. In addition, the electric scooter is equipped with a 120mm brake to give the best braking force when the user needs it.

JOYOR's hand also has a LCD display that allows users to see data such as speed, distance and residual electricity at any time. JOYJR provides two battery configurations for the user, the 8.8A battery model and the 11.6A battery model, and the latest Samsung lithium ion 18650 battery technology.


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