On Rainy Day Electric Scooter Beware Of Water!

- May 12, 2017 -

1. The battery is broken: the chances of the battery being water bad are the highest. Plug the charger is not as usual to display a red light, full of light show green. Instead, the green light is displayed, indicating that the battery is not charging.

Battery failure

2. The controller is broken: The controller and the battery are mounted under the pedal, is also a relatively easy intake of an accessory. Plug in the charger directly on the boot, if the boot success shows that the controller is not bad, but the battery is bad. If the power is not powered on, it is indicated that there are other fittings in addition to the battery, the probability of the controller is the largest.

Batteries and controllers installed on the pedal

After the above two points of judgement, want to know more accurately the reason can be directly disassembled the pedal, the battery circuit board and the controller to observe that there is no burning traces, if there is a short-circuit burned the replacement of the corresponding accessories can be.

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