Is It Better To Buy An Electric Scooter Or A Folding Electric Bike?

- May 18, 2018 -

Is it better to buy an electric scooter or a folding electric bike?

The home is about 7 kilometers away from the company. There are many walks besides the bus journey distance, so you want to buy electric mobility tools. But is it better to buy an electric scooter (with seat) or a folding electric bike? The basic road conditions during the trip are still good, but there will be a bit of traffic jams, and about 100 meters of dirt roads, addresses and companies have elevators. The advantages of electric scooters are relatively small. They can carry public transport subways (some cities do not allow belts also have wheeled car packages) and can be carried with them. The disadvantage is that it is said that the shock absorption is not good, and long ride times can be painful and require high road conditions. It is also said that it is not safe, the emergency brake will be tilted, and it is impossible to ride on a rainy day (although it can be carried on a rainy day); the advantage of an electric bicycle is that it is more comfortable to ride and can be self-serviced if there is no electricity. The wheels are relatively large and may be safer. Rainy weather is also a little better, but the disadvantage is that it is quite large, and folding is relatively inconvenient. I don't know if I can bring a subway bus. I haven’t seen it before. I guess it's not very convenient... and I only wear long summer clothes. Skirt, but also afraid of the skirt twisted into the chain ... ... you help me with this tangled disease late patients ... ...


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