How To Choose Electric Scooter

- Nov 18, 2017 -

How to choose electric scooter

With the improvement of the economic level of the people, more and more attention has been paid to the health of the people, and the environmental friendly tools for transportation are favored by people. The electric scooter is a very suitable tool for short distance travel. Now there are many brands of electric scooter on the market, how to choose the right for you, this is the key, choose a good scooter, not only can look good, unique, and quality assurance.

1. pedal, when riding a scooter, the most contact with the foot is the pedal. Therefore, the pedal is more critical, it is best to choose a skateboard with anti-skid pad on the top, so as to avoid slipping in the process of playing, protect good personal safety. It also has excellent bearing capacity, otherwise people will step on the bend immediately, pedal bending will affect the structure of the entire scooter, not only can not let people play handy will produce dangerous, and the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kilograms of weight below.

2. wheel, of course, easy to fall, is closely related to the size of the wheel, the use of materials. Try to choose the larger wheels and soft material, so that its buffer is big, small or encounter bumpy road will be a lot of security, to ensure that no harm.

3. brake is the most important, it is related to the safety of people. Brakes are located at the top of the rear wheel, when you want to buy, you should pedal to see whether the brake is flexible, and play with the correct posture.

4. adjust height

Choose a scooter that can adjust the height so that it can be easily adjusted for proper riding.

5. folding scooter occupies a large position? This is what many people would think of. In this case, you can choose a scooter that can be folded, so that you can fold it without playing, save space, and carry it easily.


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