Folding Method Sharing For Adult Electric Scooter

- Dec 24, 2017 -

Folding method sharing for adult electric scooter

The electric scooter has a very strong practicability at the same time that it integrates leisure and entertainment: the white-collar work, the short journey, and the ride ride. So how to use electric scooters properly is the first problem to solve. Oh, today, Xiaobian shares the folding method of electric scooters with you, hoping to make you have a more pleasant experience.

1. loosened the shrinkage nut of the T rod, hold the ball and adjust the height of the T bar to the lowest.

2., put up the foot brace; the connecting bridge at the front wheel and the pedal has 1 folding switches, and feet are used to fold the folding switch. Hold the hand, push the transverse force to push forward, and force the hands and feet at the same time until the sound of "bang" is heard, indicating that the folding switch has been opened.

3. handle between the rubber handle and T type bar above each about a clutch sleeve, a clutch sleeve pushes outward (such as not easy to promote, gently lift a hand in hand) folded down horizontal pipe tightening handle transverse pipe.



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