Electric Scooter Is Not Powered On?

- May 12, 2017 -

In recent years, with the worsening environment, environmental protection topic gradually popular, traffic jams, automotive exhaust emissions not only to people's travel inconvenience, but also threaten people's health, we must start from the source, choose a new means of transport. In this way, the electric scooter quietly came to our side. And then there is a minor problem when riding a ride. Small series and everyone said that the electric scooter does not power the boot?

Electric scooter does not boot mainly by the following several reasons:

1. The battery of the electric scooter is broken. The electric scooter car plug In the charger, originally is unable to boot, but in the state of charging can boot, that is the battery problem, need to change a battery.

2. The code meter for the electric scooter is broken. Electric scooter Car Plug In the charger, electric scooter Car charger in the state of charging it is not able to drive, that is the scooter's code table is broken, need to change a code table (Note: Please open the foot pedal, unplug the Code table and the controller plug-ins, change a new Code table connection Controller boot.) When unplugging the code table and the controller plug-ins are best to be one-on-one to connect the lines of the controller, to avoid you to the Code table also the controller's connection line to the wrong.

3. Electric scooter is flooded. The car is in the water State, the controller, battery and other parts of the damage will make the car not power on. (Note: This type of car is not suitable for water, you'd better be away from the water and rainy days and so on the weather do not ride).

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