Design Technology Of Electric Scooter

- May 12, 2017 -

1, by the previous single after the shock absorption to double rear shock absorber, so that riding more comfortable and relieved

2, the battery can be easily disassembled, convenient for some of the heavy truck upstairs;

3, increase the car seat and handlebar distance, even if 1.9-meter of the height of the row will not feel the leg congestion

4, the motor is added to the radiator, more beautiful than before, while the motor stability and service life improved

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  • Good Design Aluminum Scooter Electric Skateboard with Front Suspension
  • JOYOR Popular 10inch 350W/500W Foldable Electric Strong Frame and Comfortable 2 Wheel Magnesium Alloy Electric Scooter with Alarm and Suspension
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  • Mini Electric Kick Scooter Lithium Battery with Height Adjustment

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