What kind of experience is there with electric scooter work

- Oct 14, 2017 -

What kind of experience is there with electric scooter work?

1. early peak non-motor vehicle road there are too many fuel utility vehicles, the speed Well, the basic has been able to keep you faster than you, always in front of you. The direct impact is - fifteen minutes later, you will be due to inhalation too much lead to dizziness, which is much worse than what pm 2.5? Then I immediately bought a mask with a filter, or can not be on the road. Remember!

2. Scooter turning radius is very small, so do not make a sharp turn, the important thing x3, who sharp turn who knows.

3. One-way to the company to an hour, the maximum speed can be 28 km / h. To the company almost left a grid of electricity, so in the office also put a charging power, so go home at night have electricity. The actual life can go to 20km a little more.

4. continuous ride more than an hour scooter, backache leg pain, if you can skip the early peak, I would rather access the subway, half the way on the subway. But do not even think of the early peak, you take such a big car simply can not squeeze up. Now the smallest models seem to be jackhot, I have not used, used to tell me how early morning peak crowded effect?

5. Must wear gloves, scooters control the direction of hand grip more difficult than the bike, do not wear gloves, your hand is easy to hand calluses


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