What is the structure and working principle of the electric scooter speed control handle

- Mar 23, 2018 -

What is the structure and working principle of the electric scooter speed control handle

First, the structure of electric scooter transfer:

The turning handle is the speed-adjusting part of the electric vehicle, which is generally located on the right side of the electric vehicle, that is, the direction of the right hand when riding, and the degree of rotation of the electric vehicle turning handle is between 0-30 degrees. The internal structure of the turning handle can be divided into two types according to magnetic steel: integrated magnetic steel type and split magnetic steel type. The general speed control switch consists of magnets, linear Hall elements, return springs and plastic parts. Turning is a kind of linear speed regulating part, many styles but the working principle is the same, divided into direct speed regulation type and indirect speed regulation type. The indirect speed regulation type is rare, and the following is the direct speed control type switch.

Second, the speed to turn the commonly used lead:

The lead line of the turn bar is the lead line of the linear Hall device. There are three: 1: the +5v power line (red); 2: the negative line (black or yellow); 3: the signal line (green/white). The color of the line is summarized according to the common type.

Third, the electric car speed control transfer method:

Turn the connection into:

1, the purpose of type: first detected the polarity of the controller's lead, +5 v line received the transfer of the red line, the negative line then turn the black line, and then the remaining one line can be connected.

2. Blind connection: First, find out the positive line and signal line of the turn bar and any connection of the controller lead wire. Until the motor rotates, connect the negative pole of the turn bar and the motor stops. If not, switch the positive line and signal line. You can turn the turn to debug.

Fourth, troubleshooting:

If the handle of your electric bike is not reset, the general approach is to loosen the screws and reconnect the wires. If you can't, you can only change the handle.


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