What are the things to watch when using a children's scooter

- Apr 13, 2018 -

What are the things to watch when using a children's scooter?

Sports requirements

Holding the handlebars in both hands, grab it, not too tight, so that the handlebars move back and forth to adjust the direction; one foot is standing on the board and the other foot is forced on the ground to squat backwards and waits for the car to go up and rest on the ground. The gliding feet are lifted or placed on the board; the faster and faster the squat, the faster the car goes; if you want the car to stop, the gliding foot slowly steps on the brake and waits for the car to stop. Can be floored.

Adapt to age: more than three and a half years old

More than three-and-a-half-year-olds can learn scooters. Before learning, it is best to have a tricycle ride. This makes it easier for the baby to master the handlebars to control the steering of the car. After the child uses the scooters, the baby can quickly learn how to ride the scooters. It helps to ride two-wheeled bicycles in the future.

How to play

At the beginning, help the wall or rely on other people to help, stand and practice how to balance.

method one:

One foot on the front of the skateboard and the other foot on the ground, sliding forward. Then, the other foot is at the back of the skateboard. By swaying around the waist and the two thighs, the skateboard is called the S direction.

Method 2:

At the same time stepping forward and backward part of the skateboard, and then immediately forward lean forward, with inertia, previously he, exercise, gliding. Then, the left and right swings of the waist and the two thighs, and the left and right pedals, make the skateboard forward in the direction of the letter S.

Method 3:

There are still some popular children's scooter brands on the market. The scooter can not only glide but also ride, taking into full consideration that younger children have incomplete muscle development in the legs and cannot stand for a long time, so When they are tired of skating, they can switch to a cycling mode and enjoy the fun of many sports. The method of riding is the same as that of a normal child walker, and there is no need to study alone.


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