What are the functions of electric scooters and self-balancing cars?

- Apr 21, 2018 -

What are the functions of electric scooters and self-balancing cars?

Bearing capacity

      The difference between the capacity of unicycle self-balancing vehicles and electric scooters is not big, but because the pedals of electric scooters are more spacious, they can carry two people in need, so the electric scooters are relatively more advantageous in terms of bearing capacity.

2. Endurance

      The unicycle self-balancing vehicle has only one drive wheel, plus the difference between the maximum speed and the drive mode, the battery life is usually better than the equivalent battery capacity of the electric scooters, the longer the electric scooters or the balance car will be corresponding To increase weight, at this point, the two are more consistent.

3. Driving difficulty

      The electric scooter is similar to an electric bicycle, and is also superior to an electric bicycle in terms of stability, and is relatively easy to operate. The unicycle self-balancing vehicle itself does not have a control device, and it merely relies on the computer's self-balancing function and the vehicle's induction of the driver's driving intent. Although the driving style of self-balancing cars is relatively new, it is easier to learn, but it takes a period of time to practice very precise control.


      The electric scooters have two wheels, and the acceleration and braking devices of the electric scooters can be manually controlled, and the operation is more direct, so the reasonable driving speed will be higher, but for safety reasons, the speed of the electric scooters is generally 20km. /h is more appropriate, and if it exceeds this speed, dangerous situations are likely to occur.

      Although unicycle self-balancing vehicles can theoretically achieve wider driving speeds, due to safety considerations, manufacturers usually control their speeds within the range of 20 kilometers, so the speed difference between the two in the actual driving. In fact, it is not very obvious.


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