This electric scooter made in Changzhou won the World prize

- May 12, 2017 -

According to the introduction, last year the company's R & D team began to participate in the development and design of electric scooter, and in December with the use of millet sales platform to market.

The history of the German Red Dot design awards dates back to 1955 years. Founded by the German Design Association, it is one of the internationally recognized top awards in global industrial design, with the German if Design award, the American Idea Award and called the world's three major design awards.

The German Red Dot awards are divided into three parts for different types of entries. The Nanbo Changzhou company R & D and design of electric scooter, won the "Red Dot product Design Award" the highest gold content in the Red dot Best Design award.

The award-winning electric scooter adopts simple geometric design and is full of beauty of design. The net weight of 12.5 kg, a charge can be 30 kilometers, the highest speed of 25 kilometers. The car is equipped with double brake system, rear disc brake, front wheel motor reverse brake, supplemented with E-ABS anti-lock system, braking effect is excellent. Its unique folding buckle design can be quickly folded within 3 seconds.

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