The possibility of the emergence of shared electric scooter in Hangzhou is controversial

- May 12, 2017 -

"Shared electric scooter came." Recently, a netizen posted, after the sharing of bicycles, shared cars, recent individual cities have emerged a new shared travel mode-sharing electric scooter. Many netizens have expressed curiosity, also have netizens said, "I can not ride a bike I finally have a new gadget to use."

North Green newspaper reporter noticed that this batch of shared electric scooter style with ordinary electric scooter is the same, only in the body and pedal place marked with the yellow black word "uma".

March 15, Hangzhou Yun-making Technology Co., Ltd. related responsible for the North Green newspaper reporter, online thermal transmission logo "Uma" shared electric scooter is indeed launched by their company, and on March 12 around in Hangzhou a small range of software Park trial run, "This batch of pilot run a total of more than 10 electric scooter."

The director said that earlier companies had the idea of doing things related to sharing trips, combined with the present, shared bicycle development speed, but in addition to cycling, in the sharing of the field has a lot of personalized demand, "We are doing bicycle, in the battery and so on more experience, coupled with the current scooter also very fire, so the launch of this shared scooter."

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