In addition to cool, electric balancing car and scooter what occupy the market?

- May 12, 2017 -

In the new one years, the field of balancing electric cars is becoming fiercer. Major manufacturers have launched their own new products, continue to consolidate and expand their influence in the consumer and position. The author has always believed that one of the most important conditions for restricting the development and expansion of the balancing vehicle is its easy learning. Frankly speaking is the user's learning cost problem, which directly determines the user's purchase behavior.

From this point of view, balancing the electric vehicle industry's product form can be divided into three kinds: balancing single wheel car, balancing double-wheeled vehicle and electric scooter.

Balancing single-wheel vehicles, due to their high learning costs, has gradually begun to be marginalized, the first market share has been divided by the other two products. But the balance wheelbarrow distinguishes between the other two product forms, the only advantage is lightweight, also will along with the technology unceasing development and the maturity gradually disappears. Below we from the easy to learn a high balance between the two cars and electric scooter products, to analyze the balance car industry some little-known trends.

Accessibility of products

First of all, the product itself, balancing the car with electric scooter has a good easy to learn. and electric scooter This kind of product has a long history, many people are already familiar with, can easily ride the line.

In addition to cool, electric balancing car and scooter what occupy the market?

User groups

Secondly, from the user, the author mentions that the most important condition that directly decides the user's purchase behavior is the accessibility of the car. Good quality, technical content again high car, if users can not learn to ride a short time, will abandon the idea of purchasing. So this is why balancing car manufacturers more than other electronic technology products, more need to experience the line under the shop.

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