How to play the children's scooter

- Mar 09, 2018 -

How to play the children's scooter

At first, help the wall or rely on others to stand and practice how to balance the balance.

Method 1:

First foot on the front of the skateboard, the other foot tread on the ground, slide forward. Then, the other foot is on the back of the skateboard. Swing around the waist and two thighs, making the slide forward called S.

Method 2:

At the same time, foot and back part of the skateboard, and then the moment of the body forward, with the use of inertia before he, movement, skiing. Then, swing by the waist and the two thighs, and the left and right pedaling, making the skateboard forward S word.

Maintenance methods:

A: avoid overloading and how to use it

B: avoid the use of water and too much dust in the environment

C: to avoid a collision and beat a violent stampede

There are very high technical requirements for the appearance and performance quality of the three wheel swing vehicle. Large to material hardening treatment, small to a screw in the quality of the quality of the car is very different. It is made with the requirements of sports equipment. The three wheeled scooter, the most fashionable new feeling of sports and leisure. As long as you gently twist the steering wheel and the waist, you can ride it easily. The maximum speed is 15 km / h. Portable and durable; PU wear high elastic belt with flash, a more reliable safety movement.


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