How to maintain an electric scooter

- Mar 16, 2018 -

How to maintain an electric scooter

The electric scooter (Bicman) is a new type of skateboard movement after the traditional skateboard. The electric scooter is very energy saving, fast charging and long range ability. The vehicle is beautiful, easy to operate and safer to drive. For a friend who likes to live in a convenient way, it is a very suitable choice to add more fun to life.

Electric scooter, very high quality and inexpensive energy saving electric charge for 6 hours to ride more than 20 kilometers, at speeds of up to 32 mph, which for any age (>12 years old) who is a very suitable choice; compared with the electric bicycle, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, and because the seat low gravity, driving more safety. Therefore, the electric scooter has been very popular in foreign countries, and in recent years it has begun to emerge in China. It is expected that in the near future, the electric scooter will become a popular trend and will set off an energy saving trend.

The shock absorption, the perfect shock absorption effect makes the ride a real enjoyment. Upgrading the seat cushion tube structure, lifting the panel to pick up the battery is very convenient, off-road vehicle handle, plus beautiful appearance, so that you can control it, you become the focus of public attention. The whole people feel beautiful and stylish, with plenty of power, speed, strong sense of driving comfort, flexible and convenient operation; the vehicle frame is made of high quality high tensile steel, compact structure, strong and durable! With a folding handlebar handle down below, as long as the press can be easily carried out a second folding seat; the disassembly and height adjustment is very convenient the whole process can be easily folded; fix in 5 seconds.

The life length of the lead-acid battery used in the electric scooter has a great relationship with the daily use and maintenance of the user. In general, we should pay attention to the following points:

1, to develop the custom with the use of with the use of the battery, so that the battery often maintain the state of foot.

2, the charging time is determined according to the stroke, and the control is 4 - 12 hours, and the charge is not long.

3. The battery is placed for a long time. It needs to be plentiful and replenished once a month.

4. Use pedals to boost the start and upslope and wind.

5, when charging, we should use the auxiliary charger, put it in the cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let the water enter the charger and prevent the electric shock.


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