How to maintain a children's scooter

- Apr 13, 2018 -

How to maintain a children's scooter

A: Avoid overloading

B: Avoid using in water and too much dust

C: Avoid collisions, beats and violent stamping

The three-wheeled swing car has very high technical requirements in appearance and performance quality. As large as the hardening of the material, as small as a screw in the quality of ordinary cars are very different. Made with the requirements of sports equipment. Three-wheeled scooter, the most fashionable new sense of sports and leisure. Just gently twist the steering wheel and waist to easily exercise. The top speed is 15 km/h. Lightweight and durable; PU wear-resistant high-elastic wheel with flash, with more reliable sports safety.

The height of the handlebars should be slightly lower than that of the child's chest, which will benefit the baby's grip. Too high a baby is not conducive to the control of the handlebars. Too long to use it will feel tired. Normally, the handlebars and the body are vertically oriented. The handlebars are twisted only when turning, and if the handlebars always turn left or right, the car will rotate in one direction and the baby will easily wrestle. Of course, it is easy to fall and the size of the wheel, the use of materials is also related to the wheel is large and the material is softer, the greater the buffering effect, it is much safer to encounter a small ditch or uneven road. Where there are relatively few people selected, the ground is relatively flat. It is best to use asphalt or cement. It is not appropriate to do this exercise on smooth marble floors; the speed should be moderate.

When a child uses a child scooter, he must not leave the sight of an adult, and he must not let his child ride the scooter to the road to avoid a dangerous accident. The above information on children's scooter is organized by Europe and the United States for superior products and small ones. Europe and the United States superior products hope that every child can be healthy and happy and enjoy the pleasure brought by sports under the premise of safety.


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