How to fold an electric scooter

- Dec 24, 2017 -

How to fold an electric scooter

The 1. lever hyperopia function: in the quick disassembly rod to open the handle from the main lever (hyperopia electric skateboard logo affixed position) and then slide out, quick disassembly rod lock. In order to fold an electric scooter, the joystick is lowered / inserted into the total joystick and the lock is quickly removed.

A. open the fast disassembly bar

B. push down the handle

C. lock fast dismantling rod

2. folding joystick is shaped by pulling out the M button, then the back wheel direction folding lever, until you hear "click" sound. Make sure that the device is locked. Ensure that the M shaped button is always stuck, two position check.

A. forward push lever

B. pull M shaped button

C. remanoeuvring unit know lock

3. in the riding before to ensure that the M shaped button is a folding device inserted in the center of gravity. Otherwise, you will have the risk of injury and damage to the folding system.

The electric scooter has a unique folding device for easy and fast folding, transportation and storage.


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