How to distinguish electric scooter is good or bad?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

How to distinguish electric scooter is good or bad?

(1) look at the appearance of the car:

Not simply look at the picture, but to look carefully at the actual car.

The picture on the net is after PS generally, and did not have the photograph that PS has too possibly also can not reflect the real situation of the car. A good quality car, should pay great attention to detail, generally can be used to determine the amount of ingredients and manufacturing processes above, for example, the car's welding spot should be the focus of attention. For the electric scooter, because of its L-shaped frame structure than the bike tripod frame structure is easy to break, if the solder joint process is not easy to break it easily lead to danger!

(2) Listen to the sales staff to explain the details:

Carefully ask about the advantages and disadvantages of products relative to similar products in any place.

The general poor quality of the car dealer to introduce you to the details above usually do not tell you too much, will only give you a general talk about the appearance and performance. Then you start talking to you because he seizes the consumer's desire for cheap psychology, concentrates on the bargain with you, ignoring the quality of the product we want, and at the same time our consumers may Can not think of materials and processes with the quality and safety of the relationship between the above prices get cheaper at the same time will find that the car received often with their imagination vary greatly.

(3) test ride, feel the acceleration power and pay attention to the motor sound:

Electric scooters for the motor power and battery instantaneous discharge current higher requirements.

The quality of electric scooters, start accelerating, but after the start of the lack of feeling of power, the latter part of the obvious weakness, and the poor quality of the motor sound impure, often accompanied by noise.

The good quality of electric scooters started smooth and powerful, rapid, dynamic, endless. Carrying heavy objects when driving is also very easy to turn when the acceleration is very obvious acceleration difference. Motor sound really scattered.


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