foldable, high-performance, high-speed Transboard electric scooter

- May 12, 2017 -

Now many users in the city will choose the electric scooter such as the transport tool, such products can be very good to solve the last kilometer travel problems, especially those supporting folding products more convenient. However, these products are not able to provide a good driving quality and comfort, after all, they do not have excellent suspension and damping system, on the general side of the road to pave the city is okay, but once the poor road to the lot is prone to stability and control of the ability to significantly reduce the problem.

Recently, the public Indiegogo on the site of the emergence of Transboard electric scooter interesting and easy to operate, the speed up to 35 kilometers per hour, single-touch folding design for the user to provide convenience.

Transboard the entire vehicle uses aluminum alloy die-casting skeleton, the appearance is smooth and rounded, it adopts the three rounds of the more space-saving and the same stabilization than the four wheels, and is like a balancing vehicle with a self-balancing control system, the user can not be trained to operate independently. The double wishbone suspension and the frame adapt to the terrain of the majority of defects, ensure that the users in even rough terrain can experience comfortable driving feelings. The power of the 350W hub motor allows speeds up to 35 km/h, the maximum climbing angle of 15 °, built-in 36V 8.8AH rechargeable lithium batteries to provide a range of 32 kilometers. Handrails equipped with the LED screen can display speed, mileage, battery voltage, working current and other vehicle information, the bottom function button to adjust the vehicle's various settings, including display mode, speed, lighting and closing functions.

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