Electric scooter can't start what?

- May 12, 2017 -

There will be some customers will ask electric scooter to get the hand can not ride, debug code table can not ride, this is probably because the customer has not mastered the use of electric scooter. The electric scooter is divided into narrow skateboard and wide skateboard, starting in two modes, 0 startup mode and non-0 startup mode. It is easy to think that the car is broken, non-0 mode startup is to prevent children accidentally pressed to the switch causes the car to start the situation and set up, the factory has been set up non-0 mode. If you do not need a non-0 startup, you can manually set up in 0 mode to start.

Electric Scooter Code table is divided into two models: a. Narrow skateboard is square code table B. A portion of a wide skateboard is a circular code table and a well-coded table.

A. Narrow skateboard

Narrow Skateboard

1. Open the Code table, the long press the red key to boot.

Long press red key to boot

2. A total of two keys on the Code table, the red key and the Black key press will enter the setting mode.

Red and Black Keys pressed simultaneously

3. Press the red key again until you press the PO9 to see the parameters below you can switch mode.

Press the red key to P09

4. Press the black key to switch the successful scooter can be used normally, the operation is very simple.

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