Electric scooter can't recharge how to do?

- May 12, 2017 -

Electric scooter cannot recharge, the main will have the following several reasons:

1. Electric scooter charger is broken. Electric scooter Car is unable to recharge the situation, the first to check the charger, charger is normal intact, the charger plugged in the power and connected the car, the charger still does not work, always on the yellow light.

2. The charging line of the electric scooter is broken. The charger connects both the power and the car state, the charger has been flashing red light, which represents the state of the charging instability, intermittent, is charging mouth line problem. (Note: To open the pedal, check that the charging port line is damaged)

3. The battery of the electric scooter is broken. Electric scooter Charger connects both the power supply and the car state, the charger lamp from flash to the rear is completely turned green, this situation, is the battery is broken, charging short-circuit (note: It will change a battery)

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