Designed for the elderly electric scooter, look really want to buy a mother

- May 12, 2017 -

People always have such stereotypes about older people — slow, poor physical. So they tend to buy some nutrients, and to prevent accidents, it is suggested that the elderly people are still less about to move.

Priestmangoode, a design consulting firm from London, feels that a of the products for the aged should be designed to encourage a lot of sports.

In the London Design Museum is hosting a "New Old" exhibition, PriestmanGoode shows a specially designed scooters for the elderly.

PriestmanGoode has designed aircraft cabin interiors for airlines including Lufthansa, South Africa, France, Turkey, Qatar Airlines, and the New London Underground Iron Heathrow is also from PriestmanGoode. In addition, they have designed such products as Hoenywell wireless tone doorbell, BT home hubs.

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