Children's scooter what kind of good?

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Children's scooter what kind of good?

Many parents encourage their children to participate in some sports in order to have a healthy body. However, the chief physician Huang Guangmin of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the State Sports General Administration said: "The tug of war, bumper cars and skateboards are not suitable for children." In view of the physical development of children and adolescents, Characteristics of children can be skipping, jumping rubber band, small ball shot, small football, small basketball, swimming and other sports, these projects are conducive to the height of children and adolescents.

Children should not be tug of war

Huang said: "From a physiological point of view, the child's heart is in development, when the body load increases, mainly by increasing the heart rate to increase the supply of blood.Therefore, the heart fatigue, especially like the tug of war requires frequent suffocation The reporter understands relevant information shows that children aged 5 to 6 years in the tug of war physical examination, found that the heart rate were high, 1 hour after the game, 30% of children's heart rate can not be returned to normal.

In addition, the tug-of-war is a highly antagonistic sport that often causes children's palm skin to be worn by the ropes. Even if the pulling force of both parties is too long and the force is too high, it is easy to cause dislocation or soft tissue injury under the strong external force , Serious will cause limb deformation, affecting children's body shape.

Children under 10 can not play bumper cars

Children's muscles, ligaments, bone and connective tissue, etc. are not mature, very fragile, strong collision easily lead to sprains and bruises, so Huang reminds parents, do not bring children to play bumper cars.

Children under 8 years old should not play scooters

Children's body is in a critical period of development, if the long-term play scooter, there will be over-developed leg muscles, affecting the overall development of the body, and even affect height growth. In addition, the scooter when the waist, knees, ankles need strong support body, these parts are very vulnerable, so be sure to do a good job, it is best to accompany parents. Professor Huang also introduced Road, age-appropriate children should be exercising around the legs alternately scooter exercises, in addition to the balanced development of the lower limbs, but also can improve the overall coordination and flexibility.


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