Can electric scooter replace the car battery as a favourite of Sweep street?

- May 12, 2017 -

The prohibition of electricity rationing everywhere, but many netizens travel way blocked, so there is a single wheel car, balancing the emergence of the car to further make up for this vacancy.

However, security and barriers to the performance of defects caused the inability to popularize.

Scooter, in the past concept is human-driven, but electric scooter is a new class products.

Can be said to be a narrow version of the battery car.

It is convenient to the bus and plug into the trunk.

Speed limit in 25 yards, both secure and not tracked by the traffic police.

Life generally in the 25km around enough indoor tour circle.

Lightweight and portable to become an electric scooter will kill the technology. The subway bus is omnipotent.

Does the electric scooter be a new generation of domination in the tight time of the prohibition?

To be sure to be a little bit high ~

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